How we met

I’m not often confused for another person. I just don’t have one of those “familiar faces”. Yet early in February of 2009, as I pulled a tray of chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, my phone rang. I glanced over at my Blackberry and saw that it was a notification. I sidled the sizzling cookies onto a clean plate and shuffled into the living room. My friend, Jessica, sat on the couch giggling at the American Idol contestant. I scrolled through my phone as I absently handed the plate over to Jessica. After answering a few texts, I turned my attention to the prior notification and opened up MySpace.

“Hi,” the message read, “you look familiar…do I know you? Maybe high school?”

Without much scrutiny, I typed, “No”, sent and locked my phone. As I nibbled on a cookie, chatting with Jessica about our plans for the upcoming weekend, my future husband’s notification ring went off: “No”.