Discover Los Angeles, marriage and travel with us!

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Come take a journey with two Los Angeles natives and their two cats Sebastian and Valentino. We are a young latino couple who love Mexican “street food” as much as we love Sonoma County wine and charcuterie. Throughout the first years of our marriage we plan to travel, start a family…and maybe, just maybe, buy a house.

Discover how factors such as financial stability, mental health and overall satisfaction factor into our brand new marriage. Learn from us, we also welcome IMG-3764.JPGadvice–we’re still learning too! (Even after nearly a decade together!)

Watch fun videos and get updates on our lovable cats!

And did I mention that aside from exploring our great city, we love to travel. Whether it’s visiting Los Angeles’ local museums or jet setting to an exotic beach. We live life fully.

So comment and like away, your attention will drive my focus. So I welcome you to my blog, and into the place that we have come to call our [rental] home!