Visiting “The Last Bookstore”

When it comes to Downtown Los Angeles, I lean more toward the “leave-it” side than “love it”. However, there are a few gems tucked away in the old architecture of Downtown, one of which is The Last Bookstore.

IMG-3758Despite being located on the prominent corner of Spring and 5th, The Last Bookstore can be hard to miss. Walk in and have your bag checked, because it is DTLA and stroll through the fantastic aisles of what it would probably look like, were it the last bookstore.

There’s a multitude of books in every genre, new and used. There is a small, but relatively comprehensive collection of vinyl. And upstairs, is where the “maze” is. Wander up the steps and find yourself in Harry Potter-esque library, with books seemingly coming off the shelves and plenty of nooks to take pictures. IMG-3759.jpg

After you explore each corner, settle in on one of their distressed leather couches and pop open a book. Or, if you’re thirsty, I highly recommend you walk the half-mile to Tierra Mia–which has the best frappes, in my opinion.


  • The Last Bookstore Yelp
  • Tierra Mia DTLA Yelp

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