How the Weather Affects My Mood

To say that my body has been oblivious to the erratic weather this last month would be untrue. In fact, the lack of reliability with the weather has also made my mood very unstable.

When I was first diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, I had a therapist who suggested light therapy. My parents purchased a rather expensive light that was supposed to mimic the sun’s rays. I never felt any difference. Nevertheless, my mom would plop me down underneath it for 30 minutes each day. Yet seeing as how the gloom has me feeling now, I wonder whether a little light therapy wouldn’t be beneficial right about now (perfect excuse for a sunny vacation!)The lack of vitamin D is sorely noticed.

But the point is not the gloom, because here in California, the weather has been hot and cold. Quite literally, with one day being in the 80*F’s and the next it’s raining. It’s not wonder my body can’t settle long enough to get a grip on how it’s supposed to feel. I’ve meant to keep a mood journal to track my mood and it’s correlation to the environment (e.g. weather, illness, stressors). Though I haven’t had any success in maintaining it.

To add insult to injury, it was daylight-savings-time this past weekend and now I just cannot wake up. 


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  1. Gritty Momma says:

    Ugh! Weather and gloomy days affect me so much too. A couple different doctors had told me people in our area regularly suffer from vitamin D deficiency, but I didn’t take it to heart until my hormones got all out of whack due to stress. My doc said that, rather than starting antidepressants right away, I could try just getting more sleep, practicing de-stress techniques, and taking vitamin D. Well, after two weeks of taking a *vitamin*, it was ridiculous how much better I felt. Now I think there really is something to the idea of a vitamin D deficiency negatively contributing to my mood and my overall health!

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    1. I know what you mean! I used to take sunlight for granted! Now when the gloom settles in, I miss it so…

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  2. I feel ya on the weather affecting moods! I cope with the start of autumn only, then I need warmer weather. Autumn is just starting here and I’m already less chirpy.


    1. It’s weird how that works. Make sure you get that Vitamin D where you can 🙂


      1. For sure! And you too.

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