Where to Save and Where to Splurge on a Wedding

Of course, this varies from person to person; however, most brides will find themselves asking “what can I forego, and what can’t I live without?” I found myself asking these things of myself when I planned my wedding.


  • The Photographer. I tried saving money on my photographer. In the end, I went with my gut and splurged on a marvelous individual photographer. She not only gave me the attention I needed, but also developed a relationship. By the wedding day, I felt as if she were an invited guest. We have received our samples and they are stunning. Total, we paid about $2,500 on our photographer. Pricey. Worth it.
  • The dress…kind of. I’m not talking these unlimited “Say Yes to the Dress” budgets. However, it is my belief that a bride should splurge on her dress within reason. Of course, each budget is individualized. But it’s your big day, look the part 🙂
  • The venue…if it includes a lot. There are some venues that don’t include a thing. Not a tablecloth, not a napkin, not one shrimp. Others, are all inclusive. I recommend going with the more inclusive venues to save yourself from a lot of headaches. (To read more about how I chose my venue click here.)


  • The flowers. Can you remember any of the floral arrangements from any of the weddings you’ve been to? I can’t either. Not to say you can’t have a beautifully decorated area, but do so reasonably. Flower prices are very high at boutiques and I’ve known people who have gone into debt just to equip their venue with flowers. None of this is necessary. Especially not in Los Angeles. A short trip to Downtown and the Flower District and you’re set. I bought all  of the flowers for my wedding for $200.
  • Stationery. Just print it. Most of your guests will not save your invite. If you’d like to make a keepsake version for parents and grandparents, that is an option. Etsy is a great resource for finding low-cost, high-quality printable stationery templates.
  • DJ. I may be in the minority with this one, but hear me out. While you will still spend a good amount on a decently rated DJ, you definitely do not need all of the extras that they will try to sell you. After a few glasses of champagne, none of your guests will notice your monogram projected on the dance floor or your fabulous teal uplighting.

So, what’s your opinion? What were you able to save on for your wedding and what did you feel you absolutely had to splurge on? Comment below!


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