Tips For Curing Insomnia

It may seem contrary, an oxymoron to say that you have insomnia and you’re sleepy. However, it is possible. For me, there are times where my body feels exhausted (e.g. achy back, droopy eyes) but I can’t keep my eyes closed, nor my mind settled, long enough to find sleep.

Truth is, the harder I try to silence the clamoring in my head, the harder it is for me to find peace. So, what do I do when I have insomnia. I give in to it for a while…maybe do some crafts…write. But I have to set a clear limit: one hour…one painting. After that it’s straight to bed with no stimulants (e.g. night light, phone is placed out of reach) In fact, it is best to “unplug” from your technology as soon as you sense you might have a restless night.

Once I’m in bed, in complete darkness I relax my eyes but don’t force them closed. I picked up a great technique from a meditation guide that instructs the listener to momentarily close their eyes, then allow them to flutter open and then closed again naturally. Doing this motion repetitively helps your eyelids feel heavier…and heavier.

As soon as I am able to keep sustain keeping my eyes closed, I begin counting backwards from 100. (I usually don’t make it past 89.) I intersperse my countdown with a deep breath.
Ex: 99-inhale-exhale-98-inhale-exhale-97…
Focusing on each breath as it flows through me is relaxing and I quickly drift off to sleep.

Because I do not suffer from chronic insomnia, these techniques are helpful for me. However, if this is a pattern for you, I suggest you seek the consultation of a doctor. 


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  1. Gritty Momma says:

    Wow, great advice! I think this will be really helpful for me.

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