My Cat Has a Stuffed Toy

It’s a penguin, to be precise. After the move, it took us months to finish unpacking (I think we’re still unpacking). One night, I’m sitting cross-legged on the floor, pulling one random article after another from a box labeled “Misc.”. After rifling through some old pictures, I unearth a stuffed penguin. I pressed its stomach and it said “So, which one of you is my mummy?”

A blur of grey dashed into the room and right onto my lap. “You want this Valetino?” I asked, and tossed it for him. To my surprise, he brought it back. I wasn’t surprised that he retrieved it, he’s great at fetching toys. But this wasn’t a little toy mouse–the penguin was larger than his face–and, well, stuffed!

I’ve had over 15 cats in my lifetime, never have I come across one who showed even minimal interest in a plush toy. But Valentino loves it. The funniest thing is that it turns up in odd places. He’ll pick it up from one room and carefully place it outside our bedroom door so it’s the first thing we see in the morning. I think it’s his way of caring for us–leaving a stuffed penguin for us to breakfast on.


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  1. Marc-André says:

    One of ours has a plush dog as pet. 😹

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    1. How funny! This is the first cat I’ve had show interested in plush toys. It’s funny to watch him carry it around!

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