How I Picked My Wedding Colors

Some people begin the wedding planning process with colors already in mind. Perhaps a favorite sports team or a special meaning. I chose differently. I wanted the process to be more organic. So I made a bubble map of everything that I wanted in my wedding. I began with my husband and I in the middle. Then branched us off into individuals. I figured I’d let him worry about his bubbles and I focused on my own.

With “Bride” at the center, I began to free-write words that I positively associated with my wedding. Words like “bright, fun, authentic, latina, classic” all came to mind. I then started plugging these words in combined with items I needed for the wedding (e.g. bright bouquet, classic wedding dress). It wasn’t long before I had a pinboard full of images on Pinterest. And let me tell you, you will need Pinterest…and Etsy…but that’s another post in and of itself.

So as I began piecing together the images, I was able to pick up on a pattern: red, yellow, orange. That settled it. And to add some cooler colors: grey and teal. So ladies, don’t drive yourselves crazy trying to select colors first thinking it’s going to guide your entire decision-making process. It won’t let it develop organically from the things you find yourself loving.

Below are some of my inspirations for what I called me “Bright, Classic, Mexican Wedding”:


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