Does Diamond Size Matter?

Well, does it? Because the only one who can answer that truthfully about yourself is you. What is average anyway? According to Google, it’s a little over carat. Which, depending on the rest of the set design, can set you back a pretty penny. Alternatively, there’s been an up-trend in different stones being used for the center piece. I happen to know a few women who have very beautiful and personalized (e.g. birthstone, etc.) engagement rings.

Back to the question, I personally struggled with it when I was preparing to be proposed to (yes, this is a thing). I searched many Pinterest boards in the hope of finding the perfect ring. And I did, many of them. I sent my now-husband a new batch of pictures weekly until he finally cut me off.

First I wanted a diamond ring, but after realizing how expensive diamonds are, I changed my mind and fancied almost every stone at one point. But I couldn’t get past the diamond. And I couldn’t get past getting a decent sized one either. I was lucky to have a boyfriend with good instincts. And this is what he recounted to me about the day he purchased my engagement ring: IMG-2329

He went in knowing the style he wanted–solitaire diamond, white gold, some unique shape. What he purchased is something that took my breath away, the oval shape elongates the diamond giving it the appearance of being bigger. The two stone inlays on the sides give it a sense of bulk while the delicate band makes it feel elegant and vintage. My diamond is not quite a carat. Though it appears larger than some other img-2331.jpgring’s that I’ve seen with more weight. He also payed attention to clarity, which means I’ll one day be able to pass this down to a great-granddaughter.

So, does the diamond size matter? No. Perhaps the most important question to ask a woman before proposing is “How do you want the ring to make you feel?” This is something my husband asked me before he purchased. He warned me that he would not bring home a carbon copy of my  pile of Pinterest photos. He was adamant that what he would choose for me, would be chosen for me by him. “I want to feel elegant,” I replied to his question. And that’s what I happily received.


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