Caring for Feral Cats

My mother cares for feral cats. She didn’t intend to, but she does because it’s one of those things where–no one else will. My parents live in a neighborhood in the suburbs of Los Angeles. A few houses down, there used to live an elderly lady who had many, many  cats. When she passed, her family and the city did the best they could to wrangle them all up and deal with them accordingly. Of course, some were left behind.

Quickly, however, some became a few, and then we were approaching quite a few. I knew that my mother had good intentions in feeding the cats that had no where else to go (except the animal shelter, but we knew what the outcome of that would be for feral cats), but I foresaw this becoming a problem. So I did some research. It turns out that Los Angeles has several non-profits that help spay and neuter feral cats. It’s a catch and release program. So my mother began setting out humane traps for the cats and took them in one by one to be spayed or neutered at no cost to her. It was a lengthy process that took about a year. But now, Stubby, Fanny, Mindi, Big Bob, Sasha, and Kitty can live out the rest of their lives on my parents’s porch without the neighborhood fearing kitty overpopulation.





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  1. This is so amazing! Im so glad your mom is doing that!

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