Best Home-Made Toys For Cats

Our Russian Blue loves toys, our Siamese…not as interested. While we can buy the latest exciting toy and be sure Valentino will love it, we’d be lucky if Sebastian even glanced at it. So to keep him entertained and mentally stimulated, we have to get creative. Here’s a list with of the toys we have made for Sebastian, our picky boy.

  1. Kleenex Box Treasure Chest. Although he’s not interested in the toys by themselves, he loves to dig into the box and pull out his “treasures”. The trick is to leave the clear film on the top so that he has to work a little harder to get the toys out.
  2. Recycle some plastic. We’ve found that the more noise something makes, the more enticing it is to Sebastian. So, any wrapper we peel off of a bottle of juice, is donated to Sebastian’s toy box where he will play with it until it is ripped to shreds.
  3. Foil balls. Likewise, when we order out, we rinse the foil our food was wrapped in, ball it up and–it’s a soccer match!
  4. Lids. Tupperware lids, disposable lids, bottle caps, anything that slides horizontally is more than interesting.
  5. Paper bags. Like any cat owner who has left empty grocery bags out for a few seconds too long would know, cats love bags. They love to hide. So supplying them with hiding places will make them happy and even playful. Their pupils will widen with excitement as you peek your face into their hiding space.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned with Sebastian is that it’s not all about the retail gifts. He’s a simpler kind of dude, who prefers the simpler things in life. šŸ™‚


See below for a video of Valentino playing with the Kleenex Box Treasure Chest (Sebastian was feeling shy):


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  1. The Kleenex treasure chest looks so cute!! This sounds so crazy but I actually think my ferret would LOVE something like that (with a smaller box of course) great tips!!! ā˜€ļøšŸ’›

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    1. Not crazy! I used to have rats that also loved the Kleenex Box Treasure Chest. Gotta keep them entertained!

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      1. Definitely gonna try it out!!

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