A New Wife’s Guide to Making Money When Grocery Shopping

I remember my trepidation, the first time I took my husband grocery shopping. I watched as he piled one thing after another into our cart–the prices quickly racking up in my mind’s eye. The truth is, grocery shopping can be very expensive and unfortunately, markets have become more and more limited with their rewards. So I looked elsewhere for savings. And these are the Apps that have helped me accumulate the most money:

Ibotta. This is a scanning app. What that means that you actually have to come home, tired, and scan your groceries. But if you’re up to it, you can save up to a couple dollars each trip. They have promotional deals for signing up and for referring friends which can very easily add up to the cash out limit which is $20. Without having used it super-faithfully, mt lifetime earnings over the last 6 months are $106.11. Not bad.

RetailMeNot. Not a rebate App, but still chock-full of good savings. I check this app religiously as I approach the cashier at major retailers. It’s also great for online promo codes. (Did I mention I saved $55 off of my Shutterfly purchase?)

KrazyCouponLady. I’m least familiar with this App. It’s a little too scattered for me. But what I like about this one is there’s often free stuff you can get in-store with your purchase of your regular items. Candy, or something small…but free is free.

Drop. Drop is my newest addition and it’s by-far the easiest to use. You simply add places you frequently shop from, link your card(s) and live your normal life. As you make purchases on your linked cards and from approved vendors, you accumulate points. Those points can be cashed in for various gift cards. Me? I’ve got my eyes set on an Amazon gift card!

Now, go forth and save! After all, what’s the fun if shopping if all you’re doing is wasting money? Put these Apps to work and watch the pennies roll in.


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