Marriage Year 1 Bucketlist

This is a concise list that does not include everything we hope to accomplish by the end of our first married year. However, it is full of good ideas, some more ambitious than others. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!

  1. Go on a cruise
  2. Visit the East Coast or Canada.
  3. Get fit–increase endurance and stamina–go on hikes!
  4. Start a real savings account. Not one we just open and let the cobwebs take over.
  5. Start paying into a retirement fund. Seriously.
  6. Be more vigilant of our health. We skip a lot of doctor’s appointments ’cause–we feel fine! But on a serious note, we shouldn’t wait until something goes wrong before being checked.
  7. Have more sex.
  8. Sweep the floors and vacuum the rug more often.
  9. Also, switch the bedsheets more often.
  10. Be more openly affectionate; physically, but also in our tone.

Do you and your SO have a bucketlist for this year? Newly married or not, I’d love to hear your opinions in to comments below!


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