Introducing a Second Cat

The only cat I searched for when I began looking for a “brother” for Sebastian, our 1-year old kitten, was a Russian Blue. I’d had cats my entire life. They were always family cats, though. None were really my own. With the exception of Martin Sheen. A one-year old stray I brought into my parents home one day. He would play for hours, running up walls chasing after lasers. Yet he was gentle enough to allow me to bathe him. He was a superb cat, and died young.

I knew I wanted a Martin Sheen for Sebastian. One who could match his level of energy and need for attention. It wasn’t long before I stumbled across “Cuddles” a skinny, frowning cat with green eyes. But I felt it, that little ping in my gut. I saved the picture which I revisited daily.

When we finally brought “Cuddles” now known as Valentino home, we placed him in a neutral enclosure where he could look out but not be bothered. Sebastian immediately took notice and it really wasn’t long before we let Valentino free and they were establishing themselves by bonks on the head.

Check out the video below to see how we introduced our cats:


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