How Living in the City has Directly Impacted Our Relationship

In this post I will detail how living in Los Angeles has impacted our relationship. My husband and I moved out of our suburban homes and into the larger city to be closer to his job in Glendale, California. In fact, our first apartment ended up being, literally, a block away from the building he worked in. I knew nothing of the area but took the plunge and signed the lease. The following are examples of city things that impact our relationship the most:

  1. Traffic. The idea of moving from the suburbs to the city was to avoid the amount of traffic my husband was sitting in every day to get to and from work. At the time, the average time he spent in traffic ever day was about 3 hours. Insane, right? So we moved closer, thinking traffic would become a thing of the past. Well, it reared its ugly head and came back with a vengeance. Not only do we still have to put up with freeway traffic because, well, how would we get anywhere? But now we have to put up with all of the local traffic as well. In the suburbs, you never calculated time and money for parking. In the city, there is a toll and time limit for every carved out space to park in. At the end of the day, it’s still just as easy to snap at each other from traffic stress.
  2. Noise. It’s common for Los Angeles and its surrounding cities to have residential areas that are still highly trafficked. We happen to live on one such street. The regular parade of noise-makers (e.g. motorcycles, children screaming while playing, sirens, and helicopters) can make us irritable. Especially when you’re rudely awoken by the neighbor’s sports car starting up at 4am.
  3. Variety. Now this one, is positive. After living in a more culturally neutral area, we are enjoying living in an area that has a Starbucks, Chinese Take-out, and Vallarta Mexican Supermarket all in the same plaza. This city is as diverse as they come with each culture making itself beautifully visible. Not long ago there was a city parade on the next major street that was celebrating Black History Month. It was attended by all people and a diverse set of food and craft vendors. This city celebrates diversity and it has made us, as a couple, more accepting of each other’s differences.

As with any decision, weigh the pros and cons. For us, there’s no place we’d rather be than the city (well, right now). With so much to explore, touch and taste I welcome the adventure.



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