Fun Things for Couples to Do on Rainy Days

Because rain is relatively rare now, in Los Angeles, on the days where we do have precipitation–we panic. By “we” I mean my husband and I and by my “husband and I” I mean: me. My husband, like many other men, would be happy to sit and watch movies or binge watch the latest show. However, sitting completely still for long periods of time drives me nuts which in turn drives my husband crazy. So, here is a list of things to do as a couple on rainy days:

  1. Cook a big breakfast together. Splurge on your time on a rainy day and make that full course breakfast you usually skip for  a quick cup of yogurt. My favorite? Crepes. And you can fill each with what that person wants. While that’s cooking, pull out that French press you got off your wedding registry and open up that expense bag of coffee. The more detail you put into it, the  more luxurious it will feel once you’re enjoying it.
  2. Get those steps in. It’s important to remain active, even on the days where you’d rather just stay in your cozy bed. We’ll usually go to one of the “large” stores (e.g. Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Barnes & Noble, etc.) and pick something up while we’re there. We keep our purchases small, after all, if it hadn’t been raining we wouldn’t even be at the store–much less spending money. So, we will go through the clearance bins and find a vintage DVD or just buy a small container of ice cream and call it a day. The time spent wandering helps with the symptoms of cabin fever and also gives your day some small purpose–while also getting your exercise.
  3. Play a game together. I do mean together, both of you staring at a screen for hours on end engaging in solitary play does not count here. One of our favorite games to break out on a rainy day is Quiddler, a word game. We’ll play Scrabble too, of course. Then there’s high-stake Lotería games…prizes vary. 20 questions, I spy, and Hangman are old go-to’s also. The idea is that you’re engaging with each other.
  4. Get to know each other, more. You’d think that after nearly a decade together, you’d know all there is to know about a person. Not true. People evolve and even things that they didn’t realize were significant in their past, become significant. It’s important to continue to explore your partner as your grow together. There are fun tools to get the conversations going. I recommend 101 Quizzes for Couples by Natasha Burton. The questions range from light and fun to more serious and can provoke some excellent discussions.
  5. Cuddle. I know, I know…but that physical connection has been proven to improve your emotional connection as well. My suggestion? If you want to be in bed on a rainy day anyway, invite your partner for a little slumber party. Giggle and tickle in bed, have long talks that lead to sweet whispers. The intimate location may lead to other activities which, hey, exercise your right as a married couple!

Rainy days make us lazy, but it’s remember to upkeep your relationship despite the outside gloom. Try these fun activities and leave a comment below on how it went for you or if you have any other activities you’d like to suggest!


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