How we found a large apartment in Los Angeles for under $2k

Early last year, I decided I’d had it. I  had enough of being crammed into our 650 sq.ft. one-bedroom apartment. It was our first apartment and it’s charming, cozy space quickly lost its appeal. Not to mention we had an energetic kitten bouncing off the walls as they closed in around us. We had begun to line the walls with…stuff. They were also increasing our rent to $1,450. Which, Glendale or not, is not worth a tiny apartment.

So I began to search. I made a  list of what we needed, what we wanted and what we could live without.

What we need What we want What we can live without
AC Heat Ceiling Fans
Parking Garage
One bedroom Two bedrooms $2k+ rent
Safe neighborhood
Proximity to Burbank Proximity to Freeway
Room for Sebastian Room for a brother for Sebastian
Apartment Home Studio/Shared space

At first I searched for a stand-alone, single family home and found little under $2,500. So I gave that up and started looking for larger apartments. When we had been looking for our first apartment, I paid for a subscription to WestsideRentals (now partnered with It worked that time, not this time around. The selection was very limited for the price you paid to view the listings. You’re better off using better-known apps (e.g. Zillow, Trulia, Beware the frequent scammer, though. As mentioned in maybe every rental advice post ever: if it looks/sounds too good to be true–it is.

I viewed 6 apartments in total before finding the apartment we live in now. And it is exhausting. And frustrating. Also, your list of “things I definitely do not want” quickly racks up. If you’re looking for an apartment in LA, I suggest you try the surrounding areas. The state of the burrows of Los Angeles fluctuates and makes me, personally, unsure. We found our large, two-bedroom apartment for less than $2k per month in Pasadena, about half a mile from Old Town. It’s not as clean or crime-free as Glendale. But the raspados pass by every day, 5:30pm.


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  1. I live in Seattle and I know the struggle…


    1. I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle! It’s on my list of places to visit in the next two years! It is hard out here for us right now though…it’s all about the location–but the location is great! The struggle…


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