How I Chose my Dream Wedding Dress

I’m not the most obviously emotional person. So the idea of standing on a pedestal while people cried at me made me very anxious. This was my mindset as I embarked on the journey of finding my wedding dress.

I began looking for dresses online in September, immediately following our engagement. I quickly picked up on a pattern: sleeves, fit and flare, vintage. One dress in particular captivated me. I did most of my research on Pinterest, which is a great tool to use to narrow down your likes and dislikes. However, the dress I liked was a pin from a third party site and did not link to the designer, nor did it give a style number. After some research I narrowed it down: Stella York, 6298. The illusion neckline! The detail!

Weeks later, I was still checking my Pinterest board regularly as if that dress would somehow slip off my pinboard. When I finally went to try on dresses (I say finally because I did not adhere to the typical bridal timeline), I took my mother, future mother-in-law and my best friend from childhood. My maid of honor was in the process of moving to NorCal from New York City and couldn’t attend.

We went to two boutiques, one of which I had called to make sure they had the Stella York dress in stock. I’d like to tell you I had that *angels harmonizing* moment when I tried it on. Or that my Mom cried and my mother-in-law gasped.  None of this happened, however. In fact, the dress they had in stock was about 4 sizes too small and the wrong color. As I shimmied over to the pedestal, I tried to picture what it should look like on me. I couldn’t. Especially when the dress I had just tried on before the Stella had left even the neighboring party “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing”. That dress had been a white lace, corset fit and flare. It was flattering–because it closed. I didn’t purchase anything that day, despite going to a super chic little loft boutique in DTLA.

I went home and I thought about it. I continued to study the Pinterest picture. The dress was surprisingly within my budget, and I trusted that I knew my body. I made an appointment a month later and made my down payment. I bought the Stella York 6298 dress in ivory and on the day of my wedding all I felt was beautiful.

So, trust. Trust that you know what you like when you see it. Trust that you know best what looks and feels good for your body.  Trust that despite not initially having that stereotypical “Yes!” moment, you will…


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