Fun couple’s getaway in Las Vegas, Nevada

In our early to mid twenties, we frequented Las Vegas quite regularly. When you’re living in Los Angeles, it’s a quick drive to complete debauchery. Dany and I lucked out in the sense that we are the perfect travelling companions. When it comes to Vegas, we like a little of the high life mixed in with our Jack and Coke. Here’s some suggestions based on our experiences in Vegas:

What to do: Gamble, drink, eat, and explore!

Gamble: Most people are a little cautious when it comes to spending money on gambling (understandably, so). But in our opinion, it’s not Vegas without a little spin of the wheel. Dany, being the social one of the two of us, likes playing at the tables–blackjack, in particular. While he chats it up with people from all over the country, I isolate myself behind a screen of QuickHit Slots and settle in for the next hour. That’s what’s great about the gambling selection in Vegas, there’s a little something for everyone’s personality.
Drink: Vegas is notorious for bright lights, and good times. That said, many like to get the party started with some alcoholic drinks. There are bars at every turn where you can get anything from a Cuba Libre to an exotic cocktail made from star fruit. A word of caution, though: beware the popular pool bar. I naively ordered two margaritas, once, with extra shots and received a bill for $80. But the one place you must visit for drinks while in Vegas is Fat Tuesday. There are several locations throughout the strip, but we frequent the one inside Caesar’s Palace. Fat Tuesday serves the most delicious alcoholic slushies, but be careful, they pack a punch–especially if you add an extra shot!
Eat: Vegas offers a plethora of restaurants for you to dine in. Whether you’re looking for the famous Las Vegas buffets, a fine dining option, or a quick bite–Vegas has them all and they do it up big! We try a different higher-end restaurant each time we go…usually with Ramsay attached to the name, because Dany loves steak. But our go-to spot for after-hours munchies is always Tacos El Gordo, located across Las Vegas Blvd. from Circus Circus. I highly recommend the chorizo quesadilla and a pack of Tums.
2342342Explore: Do it all, return, repeat. With its ever-changing landscape, the options really are never ending. Try the Minus 5 Ice Bar in Mandalay Bay. Visit the Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub at the Rio for a spectacular view of the Strip. Watch every  Cirque Du Soleil Show (Love, oh my). Zipline over Fremont. And if you’re feeling daring, swing off the Stratosphere on one of their three thrill rides.

Where to stay: In some people’s opinion, it isn’t a trip to Vegas if you don’t stay on the Strip. While this may be true for a first-timer, after a few visits the novelty wears off and the price tag sets in. While we’ve stayed at most of the grand Hotels & Casino’s that are located on the Strip between the two of us, our favorite place to stay is just behind Las Vegas Blvd. at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The beds are unbelievably comfortable, the room service is 24/7 and heavenly (pancakes at 2am?!) and the prices are very reasonable. If you sign up for their mailing list they have deals with rooms as low as $35 during the week.

What to skip: So, with so much stimulation, it can be hard to decide what to do. Through our various trips to the city, we have accumulated a list of things to skip.
Heart Attack Grill: because, why?
M&M store: I almost choked on my gum when they rang me up for $48…for candy?!
Mandalay Bay Aquarium: nice, but just okay. Most major cities will have a more varied aquarium.
Marquee Nightclub: Yes, I said it. It’s overpriced (entrance was $85 for men when we went), the bar is crowded (expect to wait a while for that $18 vodka tonic) and those stairs in your cute heels or smart dress shoes are killer. If you really want to try the Vegas club scene, try XS  at the Wynn for a more intimate feel or just go all out and go to Hakkasan at the MGM.

Overall:  Overall, Las Vegas is a fun option for a quick-getaway to pretend you don’t have any cares at home. Because it’s present options that are so varied, it truly feels like a place that has something for everyone.




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