Double Date with Parents at the Korean Spa

Spas and massages are a bit of an addiction for my mom and me. Naturally, we thought, the “boys” would like the spa as much as we do. Although they were fans of Glen Ivy, they approached the whole Korean Spa experience with much more trepidation.

How it works: As you arrive at I Spa, you check in and are given a key. Immediately entering the locker room, you are to remove your shoes and place them in a small locker. (There is a larger locker, down the hall, for your clothing and personal articles.) No shoes are allowed on the premises and yes, everyone is naked in the locker room. The women’s side, I believe, is larger (after comparing notes with my husband on the men’s side).

The common area encompasses all of the different “rooms” (e.g. salt room, clay room, ice room). Each has a different health benefit with the majority being at sauna level heat. Here in the common area, people are fully clothed in uniforms that are provided by the facility. 026.jpg

There is a cafeteria that serves traditional Korean food (e.g. spicy tofu soup, yum!) and teas. As well as this delicious shaved ice and fruit treat that we get every time! You use your locker number to charge everything as no money is exchanged inside the actual spa.

Once it becomes time for your services to begin, you walk back to the locker area to be found by your therapist. My mom and I could rave all day about the Korean body scrubs! The boys, however, preferred to remain fully clothed and enjoyed the rooms while we were scrubbed.

So here’s how it ranks:

Cleanliness: High. You’re walking around barefoot and naked, so luckily the spa attendants clean constantly.

Noise level: Low. People will whisper when enjoying the rooms and often sit silently in contemplation.

Price: Moderate. Admission is $25 with a pre-booked service and we paid about $85 each for our 70 minute scrub.

Overall: I recommend this place highly. I’ve been to a few other Korean spas and this one is worth the drive. It is large and clean and the staff is very professional.





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