Romantic Retreat: Julian, California

To celebrate our fifth year together, we decided to rent out an Airbnb and take Stinky, my rescue pit, to Julian for the weekend. I’d heard of the quaint southern California town from my parents and thought it would make for a nice retreat. We enjoyed our romantic getaway and recommend it for a couple’s vacation.

Things to do: Low. It’s a country town. Aside from the seasonal apple pie craze (we were actually there on pi-day!) it’s a sleepy place. However, its beautiful countryside makes for some good walks and stargazing. There’s an old soda fountain you can order malts and such from in downtown Julian. Julian Drug Store & Candy Mine will serve you a real cherry coke and sell you some Pop Rocks to go with it. IMG959945

Things to see: Moderate. As mentioned, the countryside brings many benefits to the nature enthusiast. In fact, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is just about an hour’s drive away. Also in the vicinity is a place where people can ride gliders; although we couldn’t check it out with Stinky.

Things to eat: Low. Again, aside from the delicious apple pies…the selection is slim. I would recommend staying in an Airbnb where there is a kitchen and you can cook up your own romantic meals.

Travel Time: Moderate. At three hours outside of Los Angeles, it’s a fair price for escaping the all-consuming cloud of smog over LA.

Price: Low. Depending on what you want to spend on your accommodations, you can get an Airbnb like we did (2 bed, 1 bath, full kitchen) for about $110 per night.

Overview: Julian is lovely. It is a hidden gem in southern California that fortunately not many have discovered. I highly recommend you adding this to your romantic getaway list!



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