As I write the first few words of the very first post for Married and Renting in LA, I find myself looking for purpose. After all, what could possibly set us apart from every other person on the anthill that is Los Angeles, California? Perhaps most synonymous with LA’s congested coast is the ever-present traffic. As I sat in traffic the other day, which I do quite often for work, I began to think of what awaited me at home: a warm meal and a newly opened bottle of local wine. My new husband, no doubt, would be mid-serve as I walk in, exhausted–the traffic, remember?

I feel lucky in those moments…getting home and immediately being cared for. “Oh, how nicely prepped he must be” some may think of my husband. “How independent-woman of be that bread winner!” others may exclaim, fists in the air. However, what is most clear to most is probably that nothing is ever the perfect social media snapshot that it may appear to be. Variables, all factor into the couple we are now… married 2 months and together 9 years. Not perfect, but pretty damn strong, if we do say so ourselves.

So, back to the point: purpose…to enlighten? To share? To encourage, explain and contrast? You choose.


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