How to Pick the Perfect First Pet as a Couple

I’ve had pets my whole life. My husband, has not. I was fortunate to have a house with a large backyard which we filled with many species of pets. Over the years, we had dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, and fish–not one bird, though. So, in the manner that some people browse shopping sites (or blogs!), I like to browse Petfinder.  Squirt on Petfinder

I found “Squirt” one day while searching for Siamese cats. We’d had a family cat who was a Siamese, Nieve, who was the cat to beat for all future cats. As I’m looking, I spot a young male cat, about a year old. He was thin and had those “take me home” eyes. I saved it and continued to scroll.

A few more clicks, and I landed on the picture of a 5-week old kitten, perched on a cap with the rescue group’s logo. His eyes were bright blue, and surprisingly focused. I went back to the picture I had just saved and began to read. Unfortunately, he needed more medical care than we would have been able to give. I removed him from my list and went back to the kitten with the spacey eyes. “About Squirt”, I begin to read…

A few days later, I convinced my husband to go look at him. We arrived at TAPS, a small rescue center in Burbank, California. “Squirt” was in an enclosure with a litter of other orphan kittens. We watched as he danced around, chasing his tail…gnawing on the tabby kitten’s ear…and we just knew. We quickly put in our application and waited for another month, until he was old enough to be adopted.

There are several factors to think about when considering which pet to adopt. The hippie in me says: “listen to your soul, man”. Those eyes of theirs speak to you, listen. There are other factors to consider, however. Things like activity level, any medical/dietary needs, and grooming. After all, remember that the majority of the work is just maintaining your pet so that they are happy and healthy.



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